•수평 형과 수직형으로 공급 가능
•ROBOT와 연동한 자동 TIP 교환가능
•매우 쉬운 궤도 프로그래밍(체인저)
•18초 이내로 전극 교환(체인저)
•협소한 공간에 설치 가능(일체형)
•이퀄라이저 시스템의 사용 유/무 제안 가능

•It can be supplied in horizontal or vertical position
•These gun may be electric or pneumatic type
• Avoid the operator to enter in the cell to change manually the electrode
•Very easy trajectory programming / One axe only
•Electrode change in less than 18 seconds
•Allow to install the Ultimate changer in reduce space
• Possibility with to propose with or without spring according welding guns type

Support your processes and your performance, with cutters.

Competition Solution

The chip is pushed through the empty part of the cutter.
Even using a blowing unit to push away the chip, many customers complain about jamming the cutter.
In this case: the electrode is not reaching the blade anymore.
Therefore customer needs to stop the welding line process and clean the cutter.
→ Losing quality of the welding(high risk quality: to rework the welding point)
→ Losing welding line capacity(high risk cost: stop the line)

AMDP  solution

AMDP’s patented cutter is a technology ejecting the chips automatically
Without air blower, the new chip is pushing the previous chips. AMDP’s customers are all satisfied to never jam the process.

→ Best quality guarantee
(No chip blocking the cutting edge of blade)
→ No loss of money(No line stop)
→ Best running costs & capacity guarantee.


– 드레서 및 체인저의 설치위치를 분리 아격하여 ROBOT의 운전공간을 확보하기 위한 회전식 위치보정장치
-Rotary Positioning System for Securing Robot Operation Space by Separated Installation of Dresser and Changer